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Sponsors &
Sponsors &
The NIE Sponsorship Program is a vital link connecting businesses, civic organizations, individuals, schools and NIE. The goal is to form a partnership between the sponsor and the educational communities to develop skilled readers, writers and communicators who will lead our nation in the 21st century.

Online Lesson Plans

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Online Lesson Plans

To enhance your newspaper lessons, our partners provide additional online content. NewsCurrents Extra, the Online Mini Page Lessons and Parade Classroom are updated weekly. Lessons are updated daily or weekly and the NIE Institute features over 170 quality instructional resources.

Lesson of the Month

Lesson of the month provides teachers with turnkey, easy-to-use curriculum. There's 11 creative modules providing lessons in language arts, social studies, math and science. Some are updated daily and others weekly, so you can come back every day to use your new material. It's appropriate for grades K-12. Every activity directs readers into the newspaper and each week free online tools are incorporated for teachers and students to use. Click the links below for interactive news experiences for you and your students. The news-related lesson plans offer an easy way to integrate technology into your program. There are writing assignments with instruction, video and polling, informational text with interactive comprehension quizzes and much more. They're easy to use and make use of the latest in technology’s learning tools.

  • Word of the Day - An great vocabulary builder, terrific for SAT practice.
  • Quote of the Day - An inspirational quote and writing prompt.
  • Around the Globe - Headlines from around the world with an interactive globe. Speech tool can read the story aloud.
  • Comparing News Stories - A brief news story and a writing lesson, updated daily.
  • Lesson Plans A La Mode - 10+ lesson plans in LA, Math, Science & Social Studies timed to this week's events.
  • Activity Sheet - Can be printed and distributed to students.
  • Newsie+K-3" - A video and news activity for students in grades K-3.
  • Video News Views - A video and news poll activity for grades 4 and higher. Updated weekly.
  • Write the News - A weekly in-depth writing assignment with instructions and news connection.
  • From the Core - Informational text with a self-assessment comprehension quiz. Updated weekly.
  • Page One Prime - An in-depth look at a story making news this week.

More Lessons

NewsCurrents Extra

News currents Extra provides exciting new content weekly to help students become informed and involved newspaper readers by learning about a recent newsmaker and focusing on a major news story. It also provides general NIE activities written on three different levels and specified links that enable students to go in-depth to learn more about each week’s topics. Finally a weekly quiz challenges students with ten multiple-choice questions about recent stories in the news.

Mini Page Lessons Online

Additional information for teachers including pertinent standards and student activities are provided for each weekly topic, usually ten days prior to publication.

Parade Classroom

PARADE is excited to be a part of our NIE program through an improved and expanded PARADE Classroom Web site, now located at You’ll find weekly lesson plans, a skill sheet, a writing prompt, a current events quiz and many other great features.

NIE Institute content requires password

The Newspaper in Education Institute is a non-profit NIE educational organization that provides NIE program subscribers with over 170 quality NIE instructional resources. The mission of the Institute, working through subscribing newspapers, is to help teachers improve students’ standardized test scores and critical thinking skills through the use of quality NIE curriculum resources that support educational use of their local newspaper. The Bucks County Courier Times subscribes to the NIE Institute in order to give our participating teachers access to this vast array of materials.